Coaching is an interactive, temporary process between coach and coachee, which is a discrete, individual, and demanding training process. The focus is on the development of resources and the potential of the coached person, which is divided into the following areas: Innovation, career planning, leadership training, performance optimization, and quality of work.

The aim of coaching is to improve the quality and performance of work while at the same time increasing personal satisfaction. In terms of problem-solving, the aim of coaching is to help people to help themselves and to take responsibility for themselves. The coached persons should be shown - in a transparent way - new ways and choices in terms of perception, experience, and behavior. Both professional and private concerns can be in the foreground.


MeCoSa offers:

  • Group Coaching

Several coachees meet with the coach and discuss their topics in the group, whereby each individual participant benefits from the experiences and views of the other participants. The qualified coach leads the discussion and gives impulses as orientation. She also helps to create a confidential and protected space for the participants. Up to 5 appointments are possible for the group.


  • Individual coaching

A coachee is alone with the coach and works on her individual, often more delicate issues under professional guidance. A discreet and protected space is also provided here. Up to 3 appointments are possible for the individual sessions.


At the moment there are no offers.

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